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You may not know it... but you mean everything to me

all I want is a chance to prove it

The place to rant about the one you love
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Hello and Welcome to my rant Community, this is hosted by desertrose0o Meggan and bridgetb077 Brittany.
Here you can rant and let out all the feelings you have towards another. Wether the one you love and go crazy over is from school, a movie, a music group or even a video game, they can be from anywere. You can post pictures, poems or even songs, or you can ask others for advice for problems that you are facing over someone.

But there is only one rule, no matter how stupid the person that someone likes, you cannout make fun of them or you will be warned then blocked off. Besides that mostly just have fun and let all you can off your mind. Enjoy, plus because this is a new community, if anyone has any suggestions at all to help fix it up, feel free to post thanks.